flowers for corporate and businesses

Corporate and Business Flowers

Experienced working nationally in permanent and temporary installations, living walls and corporate designs across many industries- from hotels and tv, to restaurants, parties and shops!

Flowers create a warm, relaxing welcome, whether to a business or a party, a sense of professionalism by noting the importance of the arrival of the guest or client and also represent your own attention to detail. Here at Acacia Creative Studio, we have  knowledge and experience of designing corporate flowers – working from an understanding of your branding and the look you are wishing to create. We will work with you on flower varieties, colour, seasons, design and budget and create unique designs for you!

Have you considered using plants within your events? From delicate white snowdrops in drifts down a wedding table to dramatic regal ferns making a statement at a corporate event, we love incorporating plants in our work. Beautiful, giftable and sustainable too! As we all focus more on sustainability and the benefits of bringing nature into our everyday surroundings, we have found ourselves offering our clients more and more plant-based designs.

Whether you are looking for an installation, a tablescape or an impressive floral vase piece, we design specifically with your brand and space in mind. Contact us to discuss how we can help transform your space with fresh, seasonal and stylish weekly flowers and plants.